FTSE-100 Companies

OliveLit founders and experts have served in some of the world’s largest corporate brands that have featured in the FTSE-100 list of companies as well as the private sector and the governments, in their capacity as technology & business executives and consultants. Some of these large brands include Cable & Wireless (Telecoms, UK), News Corporation (Multimedia, Venture capital, UK), Nokia Networks (Telecoms, Switzerland),  Barclays Bank Plc (Banking, UK), CitiBank (Banking, Asia), Lucas Industries (Automotive Electronics, UK), Southern Electric Power Company Ltd (Power Generation, Multimedia, North America & Asia), Etisalat (Telecoms, Asia), Pakistan Telecommunications Company Ltd (Telecoms, Broadband, Multimedia, Asia), Ministry of IT and Telecoms (Government of Pakistan, Asia), besides working in a customer, supplier relationship with companies such as Huawei (Telecoms, Broadband, Multimedia, Asia), Nortel (Cellular networks, UK), General Satellite Corporation (Multimedia, Russia), Ericsson (Cellular Networks, UK), ZTE (Telecoms, Asia), Jaguar (Automotive Electronics, UK), Chrysler (Automotive Electronics, US), Volks Wagon (Automotive Electronics, Germany), Ford and Land Rover (Automotive Electronics, UK), Axcera (Multimedia, Asia, US), and DiaX Sunrise (Cellular Networks, Switzerland).

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