About OliveLit

OliveLit Businesses (pvt) Ltd, is a company that conceives and implements ‘visionary’ projects with a view to bringing a positive change in people’s lives at large. We work with and help public, private and social sector organizations across the globe to plan and build such visionary projects that bring about a telling change. The contribution of some of our experts in visionary projects is depicted in the ‘portfolio’ section.


OliveLit People

The biggest imperative for OliveLit is to ensure the quality and integrity of its people. It ensures that all its professionals and experts are proven and committed team players and have previously worked in projects that have had visionary objectives and impact on people’s lives.


We have experts with

  • Over 30 years of experience (including senior executive level positions) in the financial and banking sectors of Europe and Asia, including Barclays plc, CiTi group and the Habib Group.
  • Over 20 years of experience (including senior executive level positions) in Corporate Strategy, Management, Engineering and Telecommunications in multinationals from Europe and Asia, including Cable & Wireless, Nokia Networks, News Corporation and various leading telecom operators from Europe, through to Middle East and Asia
  • Engineering, business management and research background from world class institutions such as Oxford University, King’s College London, University of Wales, Leicester University, Institute of Engineering and Technology, London, Chartered Institute of Bankers London

OliveLit Values

Our three pronged work ethic is


Visionary work that makes a difference to people at large

World Class Excellence

World class excellence in the quality of work 

Integrity – 

Respect and honesty in work and in working relationships